DC Comics Tournament Winner: The Dark Knight

DC winner

In a rather unsurprising turn of events, The Dark Knight cruised to victory in the finals of the DC Comics Movie Tournament, unanimously beating out its predecessor Batman Begins. There were about half as many ballots cast in this last round than in previous rounds which sort of implies the uselessness of the question “Which movie is better?” In fact, the match-ups including The Dark Knight were the least voted on match-up in each round/ This should not imply a lack of dominance. In the four rounds where Christopher Nolan’s comic film masterpiece was in play (it earned a bye in the opening round as a #1 seed) The Dark Knight earned 92.1% of the votes cast. Only Watchmen put up much of a fight and it wasn’t much in the end.

We’ll plan to start our next tournament next week or the week after. If you have any suggestions for Tournament topics let us know in the comments!

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Damien from Flashback/Backslide

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