DC Comics Movie Tournament: Finals

DC BracketWelcome back everyone! The DC Comics Movie Tournament has reached the final round and looks to end on an anticlimactic note. From the beginning of the tournament The Dark Knight looked like a certain champion and its final matchup with a lesser film in the same franchise just makes the victory seem more assured. It’s safe to say that The Dark Knight is the better film in the pairing (and really the best film in the tournament) even if some diehard Batman Begins fan manages to break the voting and let Christopher Nolan’s first Dark Knight trilogy film win.

This is our fifth tournament here at Flashback/Backslide. All of the final match-ups have been close with a ~52% majority for Bronn in the Game of Thrones Character Tournament, ~52% for No Country for Old Men in the Coen Brothers tournament, 59% for Dug in the Pixar Character Tournament, and 55% for Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel Movie Tournament. This time I would be surprised if the loser takes more than 10% of the votes and expect The Dark Knight to run away with it. But maybe there is that diehard set of Batman Begins fans. It did make it to the finals after all.

Vote below! The winner will be announced next week.



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