DC Comics Movie Tournament

batman-winsIt’s time for another tournament everyone. At around this time last year we hosted a Marvel Movie Tournament (won by Guardians of the Galaxy, reviewed HERE by Movie Rob in our Marvelthon) in anticipation of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now that we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to look forward to next week it’s time to pit the DC films against one another.

I’ll admit right away that the seeding for this tournament is a mess. That’s mostly because of how many terrible DC films exis which makes a smooth transition from the four #1 seeds down to the #8 seeds impossible. The movies seeded at #4 and below are pretty much a tossup. Plus, usually I try to distribute the #1 seeds evenly across franchises. For the Marvel Tournament the top seeds included the MCU’s Iron Man and The Avengers, Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Sony’s Spider-Man. The Pixar Character Tournament’s top seeds were Toy Story’s Woody, Finding Nemo’s Nemo, Inside Out’s Joy, and Monsters, Inc.’s Sulley. But a fair distribution in the DC movies doesn’t quite work out. Instead Batman movies get two of the top spots (Tim Burton’s Batman and the #1 overall seed The Dark Knight) and Superman gets the next two for Superman and Superman II.

Vote in Round 1 below! Round 2 starts next week.

DC Bracket

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