Sequelthon: Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2 wide

Look, I intentionally don’t review a lot of comedies here. And that’s for a lot of reasons: (1) Everyone’s tastes in comedy is different, more than say action or horror movies. Just look at Deadpool. Most reviewers really liked it but plenty didn’t go for its style of humor. (2) It’s tough to review a comedy without spoilers and describing the jokes without context isn’t really worth it anyway. (3) There just aren’t that many great comedies coming out now. My expectations in new comedy releases have dropped so low that I find myself giving the movies a higher rating than they probably deserve.

So let me be clearHorrible Bosses didn’t do it for me. Plenty of people out there will like its humor and find it worth the time but I wish I’d used my day off on almost any other movie. I say almost because I recently watched Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and that is about as bad as it gets for me. I vaguely remember liking the first Horrible Bosses which I imagine was because of Charlie Day and the work by Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrel as two of the bosses. In the sequel the three main characters feel more like individual comedians than a trio and that doesn’t help the film maintain momentum. You can only watch Charlie Day get excited so many times or Jason Sudeikis act cooler than everyone else on screen before it gets tiresome. Which is not to say that the people involved aren’t all hilarious on their own. The problem is that the film does not coalesce all these talents and people seem to be doing their own thing. This is a major problem that besets most comedy sequels. How do you bring back all the great things from the original without making things stale? Too often the solution for action movies is simple: more explosions. It’s not that easy in comedies. Hopefully some of the other comedies in the Sequelthon will solve  this question. No matter how hard it tries, Horrible Bosses 2 does not have the answer.

Horrible Bosses 2 villains

We get it Christoph. You don’t want to be typecast as the evil guy. But playing the evil guy in a comedy doesn’t help. Especially if you drop all the eccentricities that helped you win two (well deserved) Oscars. At least the humorless deadpanning you deliver here helped you prep for Spectre.

Is it better than the original? No

Rating: 3/10

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6 thoughts on “Sequelthon: Horrible Bosses 2

  1. Yeah man I had no desire to see this. The first was okay, I certainly can think of worse things to spend $10 on (like a used copy of Penthouse with several pages stuck together) but the sequel sounds like a real turd. You’ve confirmed that for me.

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