Coen Brothers Movie Tournament: Semi-final voting now open

no country for old menNo Country for Old Men continues to roll through the early rounds with near unanimous voting. The Big Lebowski has fared similarly with lopsided victories in the first two stages. Now we’re down to four films including three of the brothers’s higher profile films and their most recent film (before Hail, Caesar!). Inside Llewyn Davis definitely feels like the odd film out here but is aided by its new release and maybe by its inclusion of two Star Wars actors (Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver). Plus Justin Timberlake never hurt a movie’s likability. We’ll see if the (relative) underdog can take down the top seed. I should note that the last two tournaments we’ve hosted have been won by the #5 seeds (Dug in the Pixar Character Tournament and Bronn in the Game of Thrones Character Tournament).Coens semis

Thanks for reading! The finals will start next week on Tuesday, February 23rd.

Damien from Flashback/Backslide

2 thoughts on “Coen Brothers Movie Tournament: Semi-final voting now open

    • I considered Fargo, The Big Lebowski and No Country to be on similar levels and had to give one of them the easier path. No Country is my favorite and the more awarded one so I gave it the top spot. I’m announcing the finals tomorrow afternoon.


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