The Coen Brothers Movie Tournament

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone,


To celebrate last week’s release of Hail, Caesar! and enjoy some non-football competition, we’ve decided it’s time to start a Coen Brothers Movie Tournament pitting fourteen of the Coen’s films against each other to see which is the fan favorite.

When choosing films to add, I selected only those films which were written and directed solely by the Coen brothers and omitted any vignette style films to which they contributed. Hail, Caesar was left off as well given its recent release. Seeds were chosen based on popularity and award season successes (including both Academy Awards and Cannes Film Festival awards. Fun fact: The Coen brothers are the only directors to have won the Best Director Award at Cannes (aka Prix de la mise en scène) three times. Only four other directors have even won the award twice).

Round One starts now so go ahead, “Call it, Friendo”

Coens Bracket

Round 2 Starts in a few days.

Thanks everyone,

Damien from Flashback/Backslide

11 thoughts on “The Coen Brothers Movie Tournament

      • Hahah I wouldn’t call it naivety buddy. Blood Simple is one of those hidden gems. I don’t think it gets a lot of press 😉 I tell ya though, it was so friggin amazing it launched the Coens career. For me, it’s still their best… and I know that’s saying a lot. Check Netflix when you get in the mood. I think you’ll really like it. I look forward to the review 😉


        • Sadly it doesn’t show up on my Netflix but I’ll look around. There are still a few Coen brothers movies I need to see. I still haven’t seen Hail Caesar but I tend to like their darker movies (I absolutely love No Country for Old Men…thought I might like Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood better from that year. It’s a tough call. NCFOM is infinitely more watchable though).

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          • Oh shit… that sucks… That’s one of the rare times Canada Netflix has a movie America(?) doesn’t… I haven’t seen Caesar yet either, but my hopes are deflated for that one.. hehe I’ll wait til Netflix… If you like darker Coen stuff, Simple is noir dark… I still haven’t seen There Will Be Blood (chalk it up to naivety hehehe)… No Country is definitely one of their more interpretive thematic films… I love what they’re saying without saying it.. plus the big bad baddie is dope and that ending is nice and challenging…. great chatting nerdy with ya buddy!


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