Flashback/Backslide ranks our favorite Pixar Movies

Flashback/Backslide wraps up its Pixar coverage tomorrow (until The Good Dinosaur!) with the announcement of the Pixar Tournament champion (VOTE HERE!). As part of our usual wrap party, Lauren and I have come up with our Top 5 Favorite Pixar Films list. There’s a bit of overlap but less than I expected:

Lauren’s Picks:

1. Toy Story 3

This movie was heart-wrenching in the most satisfying way. Building on a truly classic children’s story, this film dealt with the angst of growing up in real time for the original audience. As I said in my TS3 post, it is always difficult to rank a sequel above an original simply because the sequels rely on the foundation of the original, but I can confidently say Toy Story 3 is my favorite Pixar film. The deeper meaning of the film along with the humor make this one unbeatable for me.

2. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc Sully

Monsters Inc is heavy on action and humor, and perhaps more importantly doesn’t start out with an intense amount of sadness. Sully and Mike Wazowski’s friendship is hilarious and entertaining, and I love the cleverness and uniqueness of the monster world.

3. Toy Story

Toy Story Claw gifThis movie is just classic. I love the dynamic between Woody and Buzz. This movie speaks to the imagination of kids and adults everywhere and really epitomizes what Pixar stands for.

4. The Incredibles

Incredibles Never look backThis movie brilliantly brings a little reality into the world of superheroes. The way Pixar captures the family dynamic is genius. I laugh every time I see Mr. Incredible and Frozone listening to the police scanner and doing secret missions to keep up their skills. And perhaps more importantly, Edna Mode gives out great advice “I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.”

5. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo JellyfishColorful, hilarious, and deeply traumatic, this film has been helping me make “Nemo touched the butt” jokes for 12 years now. While it may be best to skip the first ten minutes of film if you don’t want to relive the saddest moment in cartoon history, the remainder of the film includes some of the most hilarious characters in the Pixar canon. This movie is almost as classic as Toy Story, but due to Marlin’s constant negativity doesn’t go higher than #5 for me.

Damien’s Picks:


Wall-E crushNot even in your Top 5 Lauren??? Shame. Shame. Shame. WALL-E is by far my favorite Pixar moviest’s one of my favorite movies in general. I’ll admit that it trails off a bit at the end but the first half is near perfect. WALL-E himself is the best Pixar protagonist (even if you tournament voters disagree!). Seriously this movie is the best.

2. The Incredibles

incredibles-syndrome-biggest-fanThis is not a close second but nothing else is close to these two movies. The Incredibles tackles a more complicated story than WALL-E and executes it perfectly. Plus it’s one of the best superhero movies ever. I don’t expect that to change soon. At least not until Incredibles 2 gets a release.

3. Up

Up SaluteThis may be cinema’s best examples of strong start with gradually diminishing returns. The introduction of Carl and Ellie is a classic moment. Russell’s entrance is hilarious. Dug is the best (maybe the best in Pixar according to the tournament results). Kevin is … okay. The maiin baddie is … forgettable. Only the final moment between Carl and Russell redeems the final half for me. That being said this movie is a true classic.

4. Toy Story

Toy Story SidI’m with Lauren. Toy Story is without a doubt a cinema classic and a huge turning point in movies.

5. Inside Out

It’s not perfect but this movie was fun, layered, and a great bounce back for Pixar after some forgettable films. Maybe don’t bring your kids though. A certain scene with a certain imaginary friend may destroy them.

And on that note, here’s your Quote of the Week (#48):

Up quote

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