Semi-Finals: Game of Thrones Character Tournament

Bronn Jaime GOTWelcome back to the Game of Thrones Character Tournament! Each of the four Regions have crowned their champions and only two rounds remain before we can crown our champion. The final round will start just before the Season 5 finale which airs tomorrow night.

Bronn may have tread a toughest path to make it to the semi-finals. After beating the tournament’s #1 overall seed and his longtime companion Tyrion Lannister, Bronn advanced to the Quarterfinals and faced Drogon the Dragon. Drogon has been the tournament’s undisputed Cinderella story, advancing to Round 4 after beating Tywin Lannister and the usurper Robb Stark. But Bronn comfortably beat the dragon, carrying 70% of the votes in the round to win the Blackwater Bay Region

Jaime Lannister is the sole remaining member hailing from one of the show’s main families (not counting Jon Snow). Jaime knocked off The Hound in the King’s Landing Regional Finals after beating Margaery Tyrell and Catelyn Stark in earlier rounds. Now Jaime faces his Dornish travel buddy Bronn in a matchup to make it into tomorrow’s final matchup.

Probably the most surprising semi-finalist is Jorah Mormont. Jorah won 58% of the vote to beat out fellow-Game of Thrones sidekick Davos Seaworth. Lucky for Jorah, Davos had already beaten Dany Targaryen in an earlier round. I think Jorah would have had matchup issues if he faced Dany in the Meereen Region finale.

Jon Snow is the tournament’s only remaining #1 seed after the most convincing Round 4 win. He took 78% of the votes over his maybe-half-sister Arya Stark. The semi-finals mark the first time Jon Snow must face a character he hasn’t met on the show. In the first four rounds he beat Maester Luwin, Eddard Stark, Tormund Giantsbane, and finally Arya.


WINNER: Jaqen H’ghar (20%)

RUNNER-UP: Oberyn Martell (14%)

3rd Place: Khal Drogo (12%)

4th Place: Barristan Selmy (9%)

5th Place: Hot Pie (8%)

Tied for Last with no votes: Loras Tyrell and The Hound

Bonus Round Rules: The following list of characters suddenly find themselves in Daznak’s Pit in Meereen. They are told they must all fight to the death until only one man stands. If they refuse to fight, Drogon will come and burn down the Arena with them in it. Even if two characters pull a Hunger Games at the end and refuse to fight, Drogon comes for them.

Each character is given one non-living weapon and armor (including oneshield) of their choosing. Characters are as they appear in the show, at their peak. Meaning they are all alive, un-greyscaled, un-Qyburned, and with all of their limbs attached. No escape is allowed. The fight is at noon. Poison-tipped blades are allowed. Wildfire is not.No bow and arrows. No crossbows. No replacement weapons are allowed although characters can use the weapons of fallen characters. Or they can steal them from each other if they want.

Basically, they are trapped in an arena and have to fight to the death. Who would win?

Bonus Round Participants:

  • Daario Naharis
  • Ramsay Bolton
  • The Mountain
  • Oberyn Martell
  • The Hound
  • Loras Tyrell
  • Brienne of Tarth
  • Kahl Drogo
  • Tormund Giantsbane
  • Jaqen H’ghar
  • Barristan Selmy
  • Grey Worm
  • Jorah Mormont
  • Hot Pie
  • Jaime Lannister
  • Joffrey Baratheon

GOT Bracket Semis

Semi-final voting is below! The Finals start tomorrow. Remember to vote for your favorite character.

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