Trial by Combat! Round 2 of Game of Thrones Character Tournament

game-of-thrones-season-5-episode-8-hardhomeWelcome back to the Game of Thrones Character Tournament! We ran into quite a bit of technical difficulties in the first round which are hopefully patched up now. Because of those problems way more people (5x more) were able to vote in the Blackwater Bay region than at the other regions. Luckily most trials were decided by a large enough margin for us to continue. Sorry if any of your favorite characters have fallen because of these issues. Sadly, we lost a few great characters in the last round (Theon losing to Ramsay was depressing. Maybe Reek would’ve won?). Other than a few close calls, most of the matches were landslide wins. Even with all the easy wins, only four characters won 100% of the vote, #1 seeds Tyrion and Cersei Lannister, #2 seed Jaime Lannister, and #4 seed Tormund Gianstbane.

Round 1 Recap:

Tywin Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon were Round 1’s biggest losers. Both were high seeds (#2 and #4 out of the Blackwater Bay region respectively) who were knocked out early by lower seeds (#15 Drogon and #13 Gendry). Maybe Tywin should worry more about dragons after all.

The Starks fared the best in Round 1, advancing five of their seven members in the tournament. The Lannisters and Baratheons lost some of their crazier relatives along the way. Most of the major families lost there less important members (sorry Rickon, sometimes I forget you even exist). Two old string-pullers were bounced as well with Tywin Lannister losing to Drogon and Olenna Tyrell to Stannis Baratheon. Tywin’s loss was the biggest upset of the round by far, with a #2 seed losing to the #15.

Lannisters Left: Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion

Lannisters Out: Tywin, Lancel

Baratheons Left: Stannis, Shireen

Baratheons Out: Selyse, Robert, Tommen, Joffrey

Starks Left: Sansa, Catelyn, Robb, Bran, Eddard, Arya

Starks Out: Rickon, Talisa

Tyrells Left: Loras, Margaery

Tyrells Out: Olenna

Notable Round 2 Matchups

(These are notable because of their on-screen relevance. This round’s notable matchups are all coincidentally in the King’s Landing Region):

(1) Cersei Lannister vs. (9) Loras Tyrell

(5) Brienne of Tarth vs. (4) The Hound (Rematch!)

(3) Sansa Stark vs. (6) Margaery Tyrell

(2) Jaime Lannister vs. (7) Catelyn Stark

Round 2 is open for voting below. Hopefully this round will run smoother. The images for each individual regions are gone and all the pairings are listed in one big survey.

GOT Bracket Rd2

Let the gods decide! Round 3 starts tomorrow.

Voting Guidelines (detailed more in theRound 1 entry): In each round vote for your favorite character. You are not neccesarily voting for who would win in a one-on-one fight (if that were true, The Night’s King and Drogon, a pair of #15 seeds, would roll into the finals). Instead, vote for your favorite character, however you want to decide that. Many people have chosen to vote based on fighting prowess anyway since these characters get the best fight scenes.

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