The Marvel Movie Tournament: Round 4

Marvel Movie Tournament

The Marvel Movie Tournament is now down to four films. Voting for Round 4 of the Marvel Movie Tournament is now open! The updated bracket and poll are below. The Championship Round contenders will be announced in a few days.

The winner of Round 3: The Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU conquered all four regions of the bracket. Three of the four remaining films come from MCU’s Phase 2 with Iron Man filling in the final position. Iron Man is the only #1 seed left after two other top seeds were upset this round. Despite being the oldest remaining film, Iron Man enters Round 4 with strong momentum, advancing in the first three rounds by earning 90%, 81% and 82% of the vote. Guardians of the Galaxy fared the next best with 94%, 75% and 83% of votes. For everyone keeping track, that’s an 84.3% average for Iron Man and an 84% average for Guardians. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World had a much tougher time making it to the Final Four. Both won by only a few votes.

Round 3 Results:

Marvel Bracket Rd4So…Whose side are you on?


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