The Marvel Tournament: Round 2

Marvel Movie Tournament

Voting for Round 2 of the Marvel Movie Tournament is now open! The updated bracket and poll are below.

Round 1 saw all of the favorites advance with the exception of one minor upset: #4 Thor: The Dark World beating out #4 The Wolverine. With all this chalk, the tournament has become a three party race. The only three franchises left standing are Sony’s Spider-Man (with 3 of 5 movies advancing), Fox’s X-Men (with 4 of 7 films still in play) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe which advanced all but one of their films (9/10). The only MCU flick unable to escape Round 1 was Iron Man 2 which lost to fellow Phase 1 brother Thor.

All the other franchises were bounced in Round 1 including the Fantastic Four (0/2), The Punisher (0/2), Blade (0/3), Daredevil/Elektra (0/2), and Ghost Rider (0/2). Among these losers only the Blade trilogy stood much of a chance, scoring an average of 19% in three losses. The other eight films averaged 4.75% with none breaking 9%.

Round 1 Results:

Round 2 looks to thin the herd even further. 16 films remain, nine coming from the newer MCU. With #1 seeds The Avengers and Iron Man taking on The Incredible Hulk and Thor, the MCU is guaranteed to advance at least two films. With seven of the eight match-ups featuring MCU films, we might see only one other franchise hanging on in the Elite Eight. For that to happen, we would have to see a few more upsets than in Round 1. Four of the match-ups between the MCU and Spider-Man/X-Men feature the MCU film as the lower seed.

Vote now! Round 2 features a match-up between two of the most successful sequels in Marveldom (#2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs #3 X2: X-Men United), two MCU origin flicks (#1 Iron Man vs #4 Thor), and two new franchises/reboots (#2 Guardians of the Galaxy vs #3 X-Men: First Class). Sadly we won’t see a Blade vs Groot battle.

Whose side are you on?

Marvel Bracket Round 2

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