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Iron Man Explosion of Grandiosity

Sherise from The Girl That Loved to Review joins the Marvel Blogathon with her take on Iron Man. As Sherise explains, the film marks a huge turning point for comic book movies (not to mention for Robert Downey Jr.’s career). With the film we enter the Third Phase of Comic Book Movies. But more on that later. For now, let’s see what Sherise has to say about the next film in the Marvel Blogathon. Make sure to head over to The Girl That Loved to Review to read more of Sherise’s work like her Trailer Reviews featuring a review of the upcoming “depressing as hell” Child 44.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting this Sherise. I seem to have stumbled into a computer desert and only just found an internet watering hole.

Iron Man is the movie that launched a thousand other Marvel movies. It’s the jumping point for the Marvel cinematic universe (other than the X-Men. So it may be somewhat surprising that I only saw it for the first time a few nights ago. The only other Marvel films I’ve seen are Thor (good at the time, but ultimately forgettable), Guardians of the Galaxy (awesome!), and the last two X-Men films (great and pretty good).

So what are my thoughts on Iron Man? Well, it has a lot of positives. I was a little apprehensive about Jon Favreau directing, initially. But hey, he’s the guy that wrote Swingers, so he knows a lot about playboys like Tony Stark. Of course the film’s greatest strength is Robert Downey Jr. His charisma is immediately apparent. He is able to successfully play the different facets of Tony Stark: the billionaire, the playboy, and the philanthropist. Tony’s evolution through the film feels natural and not forced. That is another success of the film. The plot is quite interesting and Tony is a great character. The other characters feel underdeveloped, but that usually happens in super hero films.

The most surprising part of the film to me is how good Gwyneth Paltrow actually is! She has this terrible, conceited reputation that haunts her these days. But here as Pepper Potts she is funny, extremely likeable, and she has some scorching chemistry with RDJ. She is surprisingly fun to watch.
Iron Man is good, but it isn’t very realistic. This takes away from it a little bit, but it isn’t too distracting. While I liked the film I did not love it. I don’t really see what is supposed to be so great about it. Well RDJ. The scenes during which Tony creates the suit are pretty cool. But sometimes the CGI was so bad, either when he was putting the suit on or had his helmet off, I cringed. It took me out of the movie a few times. Iron Man is a good comic book film, I just don’t feel like it excels beyond that.

Rating: 7/10


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