Happy Blogiversary Flashback/Backslide!

SeinfeldFlashback/Backslide posted its first review exactly one year (and one day) ago and it’s been nothing but babbling (e.g. long-winded rants about Gravity), occasional drooling (seriously I loved Gravity), and growing pains since.

If FB/BS were a child, it would now be old enough to do the following: Have favorite things and people (lists of FB/BS’S favorite actors, directors, etc will roll-out soon), show fear in some situations (false. After avoiding the genre, horror film reviews will now make appearances), respond to simple spoken requests (any suggestions for the site including movies to review, lists to make, etc are always welcome), explore things in different ways (TV reviews are coming! Starting with House of Cards and Brooklyn Nine Nine), and may stand alone (also false. Guest reviewers will start submitting pieces for the Marvel Blogathon and FB/BS will continue to show up elsewhere on the interwebs. In other words….play date!).

Biggest Mistakes of Flashback/Backslide’s First Year:

So many mistakes. Sooo many bad movies, bad ratings, anticipated films that were awful, great movies that were missed, etc. etc. etc.

1. Putting I, Frankenstein on January’s Flashforward. No film that earned a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes deserves a spot on the list of Most Anticipated Films of the month.

2. Naming John Wick as the least anticipated film on October’s Flashforward. The full review of the film attempted to rectify this mistake but the insult may have been too severe.

3. Giving Interstellar a 10/10. The movie is fantastic but not perfect.

4. Giving American Hustle a 10/10. I think my love for the people involved got me a little over-excited. 9/10 is more fair. I could even go to 8/10.

Stances I Stand By From The Year:

1. Giving Gravity a 10/10. I loved that movie and no one can convince me otherwise.

2. Announcing Winter’s Tale as the least anticipated film of the year and affirming and reaffirming that stance with every month’s Flashforward list.

3. My disappointment with Pacific Rim. Rotten Tomatoes is giving it a 72% but I stand by my 5/10 rating for that mess.

What’s Coming:

1. The Marvel Blogathon! With the help of reviewers at Movie Rob, What About the Twinkie?, The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger, Furious Reviews, John Link Movies and Drew’s Movie Reviews, Flashback/Backslide will review all the movies based on Marvel characters since 1998’s Blade, yes Blade, the amazing Wesley Snipes vampire flick.

2. Television reviews! I finally gathered the attention span to review full seasons of TV at a time.

3. More blogathons after the Marvel series finishes. I’m still pulling together ideas and always open to suggestions.

4. More film noir posts….Technically this is already here but it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything noir-y.

What’s Staying:

1. Flashforward Series, the longest running feature on Flashback/Backslide which gives the scoop on the best and worst movies in the upcoming month.

2. Full Reviews and Flash Reviews; the backbone of the site and my lazy substitution for full reviews. Respectively.

3. More film noir posts…yeah….

4. Constant references to food:

-“But Favreau’s passion for food and family is the most important take-away from this movie and watching him cook across the country with his son is worth the less pleasing appetizer and dessert.” Chef: Hopefully Not the Last FB/BS Review

-This waiting game has become increasingly frustrating with series cut into smaller and smaller morsels.” The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -The Return of Fulton Reed. Part 1

-We’ve hit a point in the movie season where theaters aren’t serving six and seven course meals every weekend and movies aren’t being released en masse. Most of the award-nominated movies have already been served and carefully analyzed and compared by the critics. The year’s big blockbusters have already been devoured and left us in a movie coma that will tide most people over until the spring. While January may be a lighter month, there are still plenty of fine dishes available to anyone with an appetite left.” Flashforward: January’s Most Anticipated Films.

Flashback/Backslide’s Most Popular Posts:

 Home Page/Archives Doesn’t Count

1. The Legend of Hercules (2014): Have we hit rock bottom? (HOW IT THIS #1? And #1 by a lot actually.)

2. Film Facts: The Uncanny Valley (I’m okay with this one)

3. Film Noir: Defining a Genre

 About FB/BS Also doesn’t count.

4. Blogger Awards: Taking a Virtual Bow

5. Film Noir: The Troubles with Genre-Fication

6. Part 2. The Girl on Fire vs. The Boy Who Lived

7. Thor: The Dark World

8. Edge of Tomorrow

9. Gravity

10. Divergent and the “Woe” of Film Adaptations

My Favorite FB/BS Posts:

1. Part 2. The Girl on Fire vs. The Boy Who Lived

2. Film Facts: The Uncanny Valley

3. Divergent and the “Woe” of Film Adaptations

4. Trollhunter and Dark Days: Two posts reviewing two surprisingly great film that deserve viewings.

5. Film Noir: The Troubles with Genre-Fication

6. 12 Years a Slave: The Inaugural Address.

Top Commenters (in no particular order): All great sites you should follow now!

1. Literary Vittles

2. Thy Critic Man

3. Than Moment In

4. Screenkicker

5. Movie Rob

Top Countries Visiting FB/BS:

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Canada

4. Brazil

5. Israel

6. Ireland

7. Australia

8. Republic of Korea

9. Sweden

10. France

As always,

Thanks for Reading!


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