Our Baby is Growing Up: Half-Birthday Party

FB/BS is basically Jack at the blogging dinner table. Just happy to be here.

On this very day six months ago, I posted my first movie review criticizing the soon-to-be Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave. If only I knew back in December that awful judgement like this would be somewhat of a theme for the newly minted site. After all some of my “most anticipated” films of the year have been Transcendence (minor grumble), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (disappointed sigh) and I, Frankenstein (hysterical crying and deserved self-beratement). And the criticism that I love all the movies I review is very fair (a criticism only I have spoken). Casual readers may have realized that if a movie happens to be reviewed on this site, chances are it will receive a score of at least 8/10, notable exceptions being The Legend of Hercules: Have we hit rock bottom? and Divergent and the “Woe” of Film Adaptations. I’ll chalk my lack of well-rounded-ness to lack of funds and how rarely my wallet can take the hit of a full-priced ticket (I paid $16 for X-Men: DOFP. Let me tell you kids, back in my day $16 paid for four movies, or four viewings of Harry Potter. Come on now be honest. We all know you went more than once).

If this blog were a real human baby, right about now it would start babbling (which it does with my sometimes incoherent and mash-words-together-with-hyphens writing), begin to play with others (to all the people to whom I owe guest reviews, I promise I’ll get them to you), and maybe stand up and bounce in place (…I don’t really have a blog analogy for this. Maybe scroll up and down fast). Soon I hope to take little Flashback out for a play-date. Maybe I’ll give a six month old an iPad with the site pulled up so they can drool all over each other. This seems like a good time to confess that I’ve been working in a children’s hospital for the last two months and play with babies all the time (and you know, take care of them)  Which is an amazing way to spend a work day. No complaints here.

tumblr_mi82lmbaGr1qldmguo1_500Six months later, I still am not the biggest fan of 12 Years a Slave, and I still love Gravity. Hopefully the next six months are as fun as the last six. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, including Alina from Literary Vittles who gave me my first ever comment and continued support since, as well as Cara from the Silver Screen Parade, Amy from Oh! That Film Blog, Robbinsrealm, and Alex Raphael for nominating me for much-appreciated blogger awards. Soon Flashback will be able to walk on its own and maybe speak intelligibly. Only time can tell. Future plans include expanding the Film Noir series into an actual series chronicling the decades worth of films in the genre, rolling out  “Flash Reviews” with brief judgments on movies not deserving full exploration (hopefully this will even the scales and allow some bad movies to get space on the site. Sometimes truly bad movies deserve more attention than the best ones), and continuing the Flashforward series. Maybe by December I’ll actually be a fair judge of films. But I’m making no promises (my love for Sir Paul Bettany will never die). For now, follow FB/BS on Facebook and on WordPress for news and updates.

As always, thanks for reading!


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